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What is Crystalline Fructose:

  • Natural & Nutritive Sweetener
  • Found in fruits & vegetables
  • Not an artificial Sweetener, its 100% Natural.
  • 1.5 to 1.7 times sweeter than Sugar leads to less quantity consumption > Calorie reduction
  • Sweetest of all Natural Sugars
  • Fructose is not HFCS
  • High Solubility and binding capacity
  • Low GI (Glycemic index -19 > Ideal for Low Calorie Food
  • Synergy with nutritive & non-nutritive sweeteners
  • Shelf -stability

Features  & Benefits Crystalline Fructose:

  • It’s Clean and Non-lingering taste makes it is a good Sugar Substitute.
  • Fructose has High Sweetness, hence the consumption is low and less of calorie intake.
  • Fructose has Low GI, hence it is Ideal for Healthy Food & Beverages.
  • Fructose is best suitable for Sports drinks because of Slow Energy Release.
  • Its Enhancing flavour & taste perception Improve taste and flavour profile.
  • It has a Lower Freezing Point which Prevent Crystallization and hence maintain creamy texture.
  • Fructose has Low Water activity so Improves shelf life & increases microbial stability.
  • High Water Binding Capacity of Fructose Improve Freshness and Moisture Retention.

Application of Crystalline Fructose:

  • Dairy products – Yoghurt, flavoured milk, desserts.
  • Premium Ice-Cream as sweetener and flavour enhancer.
  • Low-Calorie, Nutritive food.
  • Nutritional Snacks.
  • Bakery Products.
  • Confectionery Products, Jams and Fruit preparations.
  • Low Calorie Tabletop Sugar.
  • Flavoured water.
  • Sports and Energy Drinks.

More About Crystalline Fructose

  • Natural and safe
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Does not require insulin for metabolism.
  • Does not produce High Blood Sugar Spikes.
  • 1 ½ times sweeter than sugar hence required less intake.
  • Can be added in both hot and cold preparations.
  • Burns Calories faster because it is most effectively oxidized carbohydrate.
  • Fructose is absorbed in the small intestine, than transported to the liver where it is combusted for metabolic energy or stored as glycogen or converted to other metabolites for storage.

Summary: Fructose is sweeter than table sugar so less is needed to achieve the same sweetness offering calorie savings. Fructose has a low Glycemic Index, which is useful in formulating foods with a low Glycemic Load. Crystalline fructose offers unique benefits when used in a variety of products, including improved product texture, taste and stability.