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Fruktos – 250 Gram


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FRUKTOS is a natural sweetener,which is best suitable for all Diabetic/Pre-diabetic and those who are health cautious.
Fructose is used in whole new categories of food and beverage products, such as shelf-stable nutrition bars, soft moist cookies, pourable frozen juice concentrates and reduced-calorie products.
Fruktos is Natural and Safe,
Fruktos has Zero Side Effect,
Fruktos has Zero Chemicals,
Fruktos is World’s Lowest GI Carbohydrate,
Fruktos Contains 100% Pure Crystalline Fructose,
Fruktos is a Perfect replacement of TABLE SUGAR.
Fruktos Can Be Safely Consumed 25 To 40 Gram Per Day

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Weight 250 g


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