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Fruktos – 500 Gram

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  • Fruktos is Natural and Safe,
  • Fruktos has Zero Side Effect,
  • Fruktos has Zero Chemicals,
  • Fruktos is World’s Lowest GI Carbohydrate,
  • Fruktos Contains 100% Pure Crystalline Fructose,
  • Fruktos is a Perfect replacement of TABLE SUGAR.
  • Fruktos Can Be Safely Consumed 25 To 40 Gram Per Day
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FRUKTOS is a natural sweetener, which is best suitable for all Diabetic/Pre-diabetic and those who are health cautious.

Fructose is used in whole new categories of food and beverage products, such as shelf-stable nutrition bars, soft moist cookies, pourable frozen juice concentrates, and reduced-calorie products.

Fructose occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and their juices, as well as honey. It gives these foods their sweet taste. Fructose in crystalline form has been widely used for the past several years as a nutritive sweetener in foods and beverages.

Fructose is the sweetest of the naturally occurring nutritive (caloric) sweeteners and has many unique functional and nutritional properties that make it a valuable food ingredient. Fructose is also found in sucrose (table sugar), honey, agave nectar, fruit juices, fruit juice concentrates, pure crystalline fructose and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

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Weight 500 g

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  1. Akash (verified owner)

    best health product for diabetic person

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